How To get a Bigger Penis: Errors To Avoid


Without doubt, if given chance, everyone will go for a larger penis in order to offer maximum satisfaction to the partner. As many believes that in satisfaction to the woman, the size of the penis matters. My mission is not to establish nor disprove that fact; I am just here to offer maximum assistance to guys that desire a bigger penis.

Many people on their quest for a bigger penis are found to go unthinkable miles. Although some of the penis enlargement tips that are subscribed to does work, I would however like to advice and warn guys against innocent errors that might be the case in a bid to get a larger penis.

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  • Relying on penis enlargement pills only

I am not in any way comfortable with the usage of pills unless the situation warrants. And be well aware of the fact that penis enlargement pills are just not appropriate because they are composed of some dangerous and active ingredients that act adversely against the body system. Also, penis enlargement medications alone is not effective to get a bigger penis because all the tablet does is boost the flow of blood, which is not enough to get a bigger penis.


One of the most popular devices commonly used for penis enlargement is penis pump and extenders. This devices appears to be efficient because the pump is specifically made to pump even more blood into the penis while the extender is created of course to extend the penis. However, these devices are extremely unsafe and could possibly end up doing more harm than good to your penis.

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  • Experiencing Worry and Anxiety

One of the factors that affects or is responsible for weak erection is stress and anxiety. Asides from having effect on the overall health, stress and anxiety hinders your goal/determination to get a bigger penis. There are various ways you can reduce stress and anxiety. Deep breathing, yoga etc can all help to reduce stress/anxiety.


  • Excessive Masturbation

If you are found of pleasuring yourself too much, for the purpose of getting a bigger penis, you will have to stop or reduce it. Excessive masturbation, several times a day negatively affects getting a bigger penis. Although it is said that self servicing helps to reduce stress, but moderation should be the key here.

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  • Not having Penis Enlargement Exercise

One of the most tested way to get a bigger penis is through SAFE penis enlargement workouts. Penis enlargement exercise increases the flow of blood, enlarges the penis chambers so that it can hold more blood, and also naturally enlarges the girth of the penis. You can safely have your penis enlargement workout at the comfort of your bedroom with the use if your bare hands alone.

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