How to Avoid Mental Impotence: Simple Tips

Simple Tips to Avoid Mental Impotence

what is mental impotence?

Mental impotence, also known as psychological erectile dysfunction is an erection problem which occurs not as a result of any physical condition which causes a low blood flow to the penis. Mental impotence occurs mainly as a result of anxiety or stress, and the body’s natural response to stress or anxiety would be to release stress hormones that block natural sexual arousal signals in the avoid erectile dysfunctionbrain from getting to the penis. This then prevents increase in the flow of blood to the penis which is needed to cause a good erection. The good news however, is that this can be avoided. In this article, I am going to give you 7 simple tips to prevent erectile dysfunction.

How to avoid psychological ED

Communicate with your partner

When it comes to how to how to avoid psychological ED, communication between you and your partner can prevent erectile dysfunction problem. Discussing your anxieties with your partner can help ease some worries you have. Working together as a couple to prevent mental impotence will actually bring you closer and greatly improve your sexual relationship and you can hardly work together if you cannot communicate.

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There are many benefits of exercise for human health, including sexual health. Staying in shape is key to having a healthy sexual. Exercise improves the circulation of blood which enhances your sex life. Breathing exercises can decrease anxiety, regulate your heart rate, and thus improve your blood pressure, as well as reduce muscle tension. In addition, it’s important to have a healthy weight. This is a great long-term strategy to prevent erectile dysfunction. Research by the University of the West of England in Bristol on the effect of erectile dysfunction exercises suggests, that erectile dysfunction exercises may be very effective at improving erections.

Take emphasis off erection

Focusing solely on erection will put you under a lot of pressure. It should be OK to just be with your partner, erect or not, irrespective of penetration. To assume power and control over your anxiety, you’re going to have to stand up to it. You should not let your ejaculation fears or performance anxiety dictate your thoughts and your sex.

Avoid pornography

Pornography influences peoples’ ideas about sex and relationships. Porn is a fantasy and not real and as such cannot be used as a standard for your own sexual performance. Addiction to porn can be a major contributing factor to mental impotence. They set unrealistic sexual expectations and make sex less enjoyable. In order for you to be able to avoid mental impotence, pornography has to go

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Cultivate a healthy Lifestyle

In addition to good exercise, healthy eating habits and good sleep cycles help your body to relax and reduce anxiety levels. Healthy eating provides your body with the essential vitamins required for good blood circulation that can prevent mental impotence. You can avoid mental impotence by avoiding alcohol consumption and drug use.

Have Sex regularly

When it comes to tips on how to avoid psychological ED, frequent sex is a very good way to avoid mental impotence. Many studies have reported that regular sex enhances libido, attachment and romance in most couples. Apart from its amazing physical health benefits, regular sexual intimacy improves desirability of couples for each other. This is also considered as an ego-improving and affirms sexual self-esteem. Once a wife and her husband fee sexually attached, there will be lessor nothing to feel anxious in the sexual bedroom.

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Guided imagery therapy

A very effective way to avoid mental impotence is by using the mental impotence healer. The mental impotence healer uses guided Imagery to help you relax so that you can release your pent up anxiety. In this relaxed state, there will be an increased blood flow into your penis which will ensure you have a good erection. The Mental Impotence Healer program authored by Mike Miller is a guided imagery that uses “Theta” Brain Wave music to put you into a deep state of relaxation.  In this state, your mind will become more receptive to change. Suggestions will guide your thoughts. After hearing the suggestions repeatedly, you would experience a shift in thinking that replaces the anxiety and worry you have with a confidence in your sexual ability and this goes a long way to prevent mental impotence.


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