Weight Hanging Vs. Penis Advantage Program: Which Is Better?

Weight Hanging Method: Why You Should Beware


There are many ways men have tried to increase the size of their penis over the years. Although, some of these procedures do work for some, it is however dangerous and do more harm than good. One of the many penis enlargement method that has been used is the weight hanging method.

This method of penis enlargement has actually been practiced for several years, some men declare weight hanging has actually enlarged their penis. Many men reported an increase of as much as 2 inches in 2 years. Unfortunately, weight hanging can often stretch the ligaments excessive as well as can trigger serious problems and potentially even long-term impotence. Also, weight hanging method of penis enlargement cannot aid the girth of your penis so you are likely to get a thin, extended weak looking penis and also this seeks years IF any type of gains are feasible whatsoever?

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Why You Should Not Think of Using Penis Enlargement Weights to Increase Your penis Size

Having examined quiet a number of male that have used the weight hanging method for penis enlargement, we got to record some of the following horror discoveries.

  • The danger of Prospective scarring
  • You also run the risk of stretch marks
  • Increasing risk might actually in fact decrease size
  • The risk of long term sexual dysfunction

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  • You also run the risk of Penis contortion
  • Nerve damages
  • Absence of appropriate flow of blood
  • Generally unsafe
  • Loss of libido
  • Lowered sensitivity



Why is Penis Advantage program much better compared to hanging weights?

  • The Penis Advantage system will enable you to completely expand your erection without the fear of any kind of hazardous side effects. Just what could be much safer compared to using your personal hands and also a few exercise regimens for the enlargement of your penis?
  • Penis enlargement weights, IF they function, might give slim unhealthy snake looking penises. However, if you strictly adhere to the methods presented in the Penis Advantage Program, you are assured of unwanted adverse effect, it functions and is risk-free!
  • The Penis Advantage program will not take years to before you see its effect. In just a few weeks, you will see the outcome of the penis advantage system.

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Other Reason Why The penis Advantage Program is Good For you

  • With the Penis Advantage Program, you will have the opportunity to eradicate premature ejaculation. Oh what joy it brings to b able to ride your woman and take her to heights of pleasure for as long as you please, without being debar by early eruption.
  • The Penis advantage guide also gives you a much thicker, bigger and fuller Penis head. Imagine the pride that comes with a muscular, mushroom looking penis head!
  • The Advantage of Multiple Orgasm: never again will you be stopped from enjoying sex because of climaxing. You can erupt as long as you want and keep satisfying your woman.


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