Anxiety Induced Impotence: Can Mental Impotence Healer Assist?

How anxiety induces impotence

Anxiety Can Induce Impotence

Mental impotence, the psychological arm of erectile dysfunction can be absolutely a symptom of anxiety. Anxiety can cause a host of different issues that affect your libido, and impotence is one of them. The relationship between anxiety and impotence is a somewhat complicated one, because each individual experiences the effects of anxiety differently. Some people experience the opposite: premature ejaculation, some experience both, whereas, some other men are not affected by anxiety at all. Anxiety and impotence are interwoven in that during anxiety, cortisol, a hormone released during times of stress, is released in excess, while testosterone decreases by a significant amount. One of the ironies of anxiety induced impotence is that it can be self-sustaining. Any flaw in sexual function of a man is a big blow to his ego, which explains why this type of sexual dysfunction can be such a significant issue. It fuels anxiety further and can make it even harder to control your anxiety in the future.

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Causes of anxiety induced erectile dysfunction

There are multiple stressors that lead to anxiety induced impotence. These stressful events can be job related problems, relationship problems, financial concerns, fear, illness, loss of a

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loved one, sexual encounter gone wrong etc. If several of these events occur together, the consequences can be multiplied. A major cause of anxiety induced erectile dysfunction is if a man once had a bad sexual experience and it was his fault. There is this fear that it might happen again, which leads to anxiety and subsequently, this anxiety can induce impotence.

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How to Overcome Anxiety Induced Impotence

In order to overcome impotence from anxiety, there are two major things to do. The first one is to try as much as you can to ensure that sex is natural for you, and something that creates a positive emotion. You need to get your partner involved, maker her to understand that you have anxiety and it has affected your libido. Keeping it to yourself will just create more fear and, ultimately, make it more likely that you’ll experience impotence. Once that is done, there are several things you can try such as making sex more light hearted. This takes the pressure off the erection because anxiety can make you more focused on ensuring that you’re able to get aroused. Instead, turn on the TV, laugh, make jokes, have fun, and good around. The idea is just to enjoy activities that take some of the pressure off the erection so that you can get used to intimacy being more natural. You have to make it feel like something that isn’t all about your impotence. This will significantly reduce your anxiety and improve your sexual performance.

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The second thing to do is simply reducing your anxiety. Since your impotence is the result of anxiety, reducing anxiety can help you effectively stop the impotence from re-occurring. The mental impotence healer by Mike Miller is a very good mental impotence treatment. Mental impotence healer program is a Guided Imagery MP3 recording using Theta Brain Wave music to help you overcome impotence from anxiety or psychological erectile dysfunction. This it does by putting you in a very relaxed state of mind and self-hypnosis and in the process, stimulating your imaginations with mental images that help to boost your confidence and calm your anxiety.

A key point in overcoming Anxiety induced erectile dysfunction or Anxiety induced impotence is to not focus on or try to control your erection. Erections are a reflex response and relaxation is extremely important since erections are not under your conscious control. In order to achieve this relaxation, the mental impotence healer by Mike Miller comes highly recommended. This program is a powerful way to help you to release your pent up anxiety, so that you can relax. Once you are relaxed, blood will be able to flow into your penis well and you can have long-lasting erection.


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