Become an Ejaculation Guru: Avoid Some Errors

Some Simple Mistake That Could Lead To Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the many conditions that has adversely affected the sex life of humans till today. Although many might think it is totally out of control, there are some little things we do that could possibly be responsible for it. Knowing and arming yourself with this knowledge will guide against that shame that comes with not being able to take your partner to realms of pleasure when next you are to meet. There are many variables that cause premature ejaculation. But we have selected just the most common one for analysis.

A lot of them are not too difficult to cure, thus you can turn to an ejaculation guru by mastering these facts.

This is essential to recognize due to the fact that we seem like it’s a challenging and difficult trouble to cure premature ejaculation, whereas, it is not that difficult.

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It’s not your mistake for believing it’s difficult to treat, I for once believed that it was a cross I had to carry for the rest of my existence on planet earth until I got help.  We’ve really been lied to by the medical professionals, media, flicks, and also porn.


The main issue I have with most medical practitioners is that they want to take care of the signs and symptom of our issues, instead of healing the ACTUAL trouble itself, Premature Ejaculation!

If we visit the physician and also the doctor locates high cholesterol (which by the way is established by the drug firms who sell drugs to lower cholesterol degrees) they will likely suggest pills for us that assistance reduce our cholesterol.

I will, before you continue reading, however like you to know that none of this is clinical suggestions nor is it professional suggestions, these are just my point of views, speak with an EXCELLENT medical professional before beginning any kind of exercise program, diet, or adjustments in drug.

My major problem with pills is that they are not natural, and many “high” cholesterol degrees defined by medical professionals are in fact simply fine.

We can consume 4 eggs a day, not leaving the yolk, and be simply great. Our bodies generate more cholesterol itself as compared to the eggs we consume, and the nutrients we receive from the yolk are nicer for us to have compared to not having it because of the cholesterol.

You should know that Cholesterol consumed in the correct amounts, at the right times could considerably enhance your libido.

The reasons why most doctors will just recommend the drugs for you, when they are fully aware of its side effect  is that they don’t generate income if we eat better and also exercise.

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They make money from the medicine business for advertising those medicines.


You should know that with every tablet that you are given to heal premature ejaculation or to cure erectile dysfunction, there is always an associated side effect that you are probably not aware of.

These tablets function briefly, as well as gradually it needs EVEN MORE tablets to obtain the same effect up until they quit working totally.


The simple truth is that there is no magic tablet anywhere that will help to take care of early climaxing problems. You need to go natural.

There are several  all-natural means to combat these problems, as well as I’ll educate you on some of  those below.

Honestly, it’s not your fault, aside from doctors, we have really been deceived by a bunch of individuals, also our buddies.

The best point we could note and probably do right now is take the essential steps to treat our premature ejaculation naturally, easily, and also as quick as possible.


Shall we take a look into some of the biggest error that create premature ejaculation and also steps you can take right from NOW/TODAY to begin lasting much longer in bed, become an ejaculation guru, and putting a smile on your partner!. Winks!.


  • The Need to Climax

The first error we make that stops us from being an ejaculation guru is thinking that ejaculating is kind of like a muscle mass.

We can train it so we can be stronger and also willingly stop the need to climax.

The important thing to note is, we usually miss this part because it requires some conscious effort.

What we should take note of is our level of sensitivity, our penis’ level of sensitivity to touch and also sensation really differs.

Also before and even throughout sex, we have to consciously train our level of sensitivity whenever until we have full control of our climaxing.

A research I came across reported that what you can however effectively do today is to consciously train your sensitivity during sex is just what is called the 10 Thrusts technique: The ejaculation Guru style

Here you essentially propelled to a count of 10, the very first 9 drives are shallow, half or less of your penis enters your sexual companion.

On the 10th thrust, you can thrust very deep, and also repeat the 9 superficial drives once more with the deep 10th drive.

ejaculation guru

Just what this does is minimize rubbing on the head of your penis, which you will agree with me, that is one of the most sensitive climaxing triggering component in male.

This technique also enhances the pleasure your partner receives since the shallow drives tease her and the deep drive will literality take her to heaven, helping you avoid premature ejaculation.


2) What Position are You Using?

Relying on the positions we utilize throughout sex, can actually go a long way to determine how long we last and satisfy our partner during the process of sex. You should note that the very worse position to practice is Missionary Position. Guys who have transformed themselves to ejaculation guru can testify to this.

The reason this position is the worst is due to the fact that it calls for stabilizing ourselves on our arms as well as occasionally legs as well as triggers exhaustion in us, which consequently makes causes premature ejaculation.

Exactly what you can do is use what I believe is the very best position to minimize just how quick you have an orgasm, and avoid premature ejaculation

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The Sex position to utilize would certainly be the spooning position.

It’s the type of like cuddling spooning, however rather you’ll enter her from behind as opposed to just holding her.

Utilize this strategy alongside the 10 Drives method as well as you can go on banging your woman forever if you wish to, then you will be surprised at the kind of ejaculation guru you have transformed yourself to


3) Your Breathing Style/Pattern Matters As Well

The third error is something we usually do not think about, but it’s vital to our day-to-day health and wellness.

This is actually something we do innocently without knowing

As well as if we do it incorrectly, it can take YEARS off of our lives.

It is…wait for it….your breathing style.

Surprised? Yes breathing does affect us in many ways. The way we take a breath before, during, and after sex is essential to the length of time we can last in bed, and consequently help us avoid premature ejaculation.


If we inhale short superficial breathes, we won’t last as long in bed.

If we take in deep long breathes, that is among the primary secrets to treating early climaxing, and turning yourself to an ejaculation guru.

The same research that suggested the thrusting technique also recommended making use of the 10-1-10 breathing strategy before as well as throughout sex, in order to avoid premature ejaculation

  • You basically breathe in for 10 secs through your belly (expanding, making it bigger).
  • Hold for 1 second.
  • As well as take a breath out for 10 seconds flattening your tummy.

Repeat this 10 times before sex, and oxygen will certainly flow with your body, right into your blood stream, as well as effectively calm your nerves and body down so you last much longer throughout sex.


4) Stress/Anxiety to Perform

This error, although committed by our brain is also done unconsciously.

We actually do not intend to do it, but we do it anyway and it truly affects and significantly reduces how long we get to last in bed.

The stress we put on ourselves in how we perform throughout sex can just be very extreme.

This pressure will certainly also make us ejaculate prematurely because stress during an efficiency could easily collapse our confidence, and also then our subconscious mind hears this voice telling us to have an orgasm much faster due to the fact that we have to get it over with prior to we embarrass ourselves additionally.


The most effective thing to do with stress is similar to breathing; simply utilize the 10-1-10 breathing method.

You utilize this technique throughout and even prior to sex, and it will relax you down allowing the pressure off of you, thus making you take charge of the bed room and take your partner to heaven when you become an ejaculation guru.


5) Over-Reliance on Medications

Remember at the beginning of this article, we discusses about medical practitioners and their influence on our sexual life.

That’s the biggest blunder we commit in trying to cure premature ejaculation or early climaxing.

We attempt to make use of a magic tablet that is an incorrect remedy for our predicament. Although, it might work for a moment and you transform yourself to an ejaculation guru for a while but with time you notice that the effect fades and your over-dependence on the medication.

The earlier you understand that there is really no magic tablet anywhere that can give you the strategy to last longer in bed, the better. But be rest assured that there are simple, rapid and natural means I provided above which will certainly aid you last longer in bed.

It is advisable to stay away from prescribed medications that avoid premature ejaculation. Source for natural means, that helps and is always effective at the long run.

ejaculation guru

Start taking an approach to your body that your body is important as well as it’s worth putting in a few mins a day to be sure that your bed room troubles are gone.


If you however really desire an in-depth approach, into the cure for premature ejaculation, you should take a look at the ejaculation guru pdf guide specifically designed to help all male folk take charge of their ejaculation and spice things up in the bedroom.

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Author: Helen Cole

I am a writer and publisher and i take very good passion to review products and services that are related to men's health and human well being generally. I have been doing this for three years and am loving it!

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